Children's Dentistry

From the moment your child's first tooth comes in, the journey to a healthy, beautiful smile begins. At Williamsburg Smile Design, we want to come along on that journey and help your child grow into their adult smiles. We love working with our littlest patients and their parents to create excellent oral hygiene habits that will protect their smiles for a lifetime.

Those first dentist appointments for your child are critical in creating a positive impact on how they perceive dental care services. Many people who have dental anxiety had poor experiences as a child. Our friendly and caring dental team will take the time to get to know your child and make them feel comfortable at our office. It is our pleasure to help your child learn how to care for their smiles and give them a positive experience every time they visit our office.

We Love Your Kids!

Kids are our favorite patients, making it a joy to come to work each day. We love seeing their beaming faces walk through our door. Caring for their smiles and making sure they have a fun and entertaining visit is a priority for us. We can perform their checkups and cleanings while they watch their favorites shows on Netflix, making the time fly by for your little one. If we do find a cavity or tooth issue, we make treatment painless. Our DentalVibe painless injections are perfect for our young patients that do not like needles.

Give your child a running start to a healthy adult smile. Our office welcomes children of all ages for routine care, repairs and other dental needs. We also offer orthodontics if your child needs alignment once they are teens, handling all your dental needs in one place. Contact our office today to schedule your child's first checkup.