Custom Brooklyn Dental Crowns

Crowns are an essential dental treatment to preserving teeth that have been exposed to wear, fractures, or excessive decay. Sometimes referred to as "caps," they cover your tooth's entire surface, up to the gum lines. Their durability adds strength to your tooth, so that you can continue enjoying your favorite foods without the risk of additional damage to your bite.

Depending on the type of crown that you choose, the treatment is typically broken up into two separate appointments. The first visit involves prepping the tooth and taking an impression, the second allows for the customized crown to be bonded into place. An exception would be one of our same day crown treatments, which are made on-site and delivered in just one appointment.

Maximum Aesthetics and Strength

At Williamsburg Smile Design, we implement durable materials and techniques to enhance both your tooth's appearance and health. In most cases, Zirconia or Emax crowns are recommended, especially on teeth which are located further back in the mouth and exposed to greater biting forces. Porcelain materials offer a more natural tone to teeth that are closer to the front of your smile.

In most cases, it is best to have your crown placed before additional damage could compromise the integrity of your tooth. Otherwise, an extraction may be necessary.

Contact Williamsburg Smile Design today to learn more about our traditional hand-crafted or one visit crowns. Our Brooklyn dentist office will be happy to help you find the option that's best for your smile's long-term success. In-house financing is available!