Dental Membership Plan

It seems that the cost of excellent health care only continues to increase each year. This can feel frustrating for some patients, so at Williamsburg Smile Design, it is our goal to make exceptional dentistry accessible to all patients.

Dr. Mapes makes it easy for patients without dental insurance to fit their preventive and restorative care comfortably into their budgets with our dental membership plan, and there are options to cover every member of the family!

What Is Covered By the Membership Plan?

Just like most dental insurance plans, our membership plan covers the cost of your two yearly cleanings and checkups in full. This ensures that you stay consistent with your preventive care, which helps you avoid more significant issues like tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. You will also receive substantial savings on restorative procedures such as fillings, crowns, and root canal therapy. Your membership plan even includes discounts on services that many dental insurances don't cover such as dental implants or orthodontic treatment.

Where your plan differs from dental insurance is that you won't have concerns to worry about such as:

  • Deductibles to be met before treatment
  • Yearly maximums
  • Waiting periods on certain treatment procedures

With a dental membership plan, you can always get the treatment you need, even on the day you sign up!

Why Is Preventive Care Important?

When you visit your Brooklyn dentist consistently every six months for cleanings and checkups, he can detect many concerns early on such gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. This gives you the opportunity to treat these issues before they result in bigger problems like a dental infection.

Emerging information over the years has also shown a direct correlation between gum disease and other health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, complications during pregnancy, diabetes, and stroke. Being proactive about treating gum disease and maintaining your oral health, means that you are also protecting your overall well-being.

Your dental membership plan ensures that you get the consistent preventive care you need to protect your health.

Who Is Included in the Membership Plan?

Your Williamsburg Smile Design membership plan includes options for the entire family. Plans for kids start around $300 annually, while adults can choose between a regular plan or a periodontal plan, which covers additional cleanings throughout the year for those managing gum disease. You can also choose to pay your plan with monthly payments, making it simple to budget for your dental care.

Contact Williamsburg Smile Design

To sign up for our membership plan, or for more detailed information on coverage click here, or call Williamsburg Smile Design at 718-388-1909. Remember, you can start using your membership benefits with your dentist in Brooklyn the day you sign up, so you'll never have to delay the dental care you need!