Microscope Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Mapes Looking at Microscope | Brooklyn NY DentistMicroscope Dentistry is cutting-edge technology in family dentistry, and Dr. Ian Mapes is proud to bring this specialty to the Brooklyn area.

This high-powered microscopic examination tool paves the way for earlier detection of decay and damage to your teeth. Early detection is the route to an early cure.

Microscope dentistry is one of the foremost tools of state-of-the-art dentistry.

What Is Microscope Dentistry?

Dr. Mapes uses a powerful CJ-Optik Flexion microscope to closely and thoroughly examine every tooth and also the gum tissue in your mouth. Having this extreme close-up view gives Dr. Mapes the ability to see the beginning of problems before they are visible to the human eye. Thanks to this significant time advantage, treatment is less invasive, faster, and less expensive, allowing you to be proactive about your care.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing your dental examination can locate the smallest beginning of a problem! Financing options are readily available so you can afford the advantage of time in making any restoration or repair decisions. Our friendly and professional staff works together to provide our patients with dental visits that are truly relaxed and comfortable.

Dentistry with Your Needs in Mind

When microscopic dentistry is used, you know you are receiving dental care beyond the standard routine service.

With an office full of amenities like a relaxing beverage when you arrive and cool or warm cloths to refresh your face after your treatment, you will look at dental care differently. We enjoy providing the exceptional experience that we feel every patient deserves.

By treating you with as much comfort and courtesy as possible and using the latest in technological equipment operated by highly trained specialists, you can rest assured that we take your dental health seriously at Williamsburg Smile Design. You can be confident all your oral health needs will be met, treatment will be diagnosed in a timely manner, and you will receive high-quality dental restorations crafted from the finest materials when necessary.A dad, daughter, son, and mom smiling | Dentist Brooklyn NY

Cutting Edge Technology at Williamsburg Smile Design

Dr. Mapes is one of only a few dentists in the New York City area who specializes in microscopic dentistry, and you will find that this isn’t the only type of advanced technology your Brooklyn dentist offers. You will also enjoy painless injections with DentalVibe and 3-D imaging with our cone beam x-ray.

Put this state-of-the-art technology to use in your action plan for better oral health and take advantage of a more pleasant experience when you have dental procedures done.

Contact Williamsburg Smile Design today to schedule your next appointment and learn more about the benefits of using microscope dentistry.