Painless Dental Injections with DentalVibe in Brooklyn

Dentist using Dentalvibe | Dentist Brooklyn NYIf you feel fearful or anxious about going to the dentist, you are not alone. Millions of Americans feel this way, and at Williamsburg Smile Design, we realize that dental anxiety is often rooted in a fear of injections or needles.

For patients who feel uncomfortable about dental treatments because of an upcoming shot, we now have a solution.

Our office proudly adopts the most advanced dental technology in the industry, especially when it is something that will allow us to provide more comfortable and stress-free care.

Worry-Free Dentistry with DentalVibe Technology

We offer painless dental injections using DentalVibe technology. It is a simple, two-step method that can take the pain out of getting a numbing shot.

We start by applying a powerful topical anesthetic and then combine this with the use of DentalVibe.

DentalVibe is an innovative handheld tool that essentially tricks your brain into not feeling the stick of the needle. It works by sending a vibration to the brain first, which interrupts pain signals from the injection and can greatly reduce the unpleasant sensation of the needle. The countless patients who have experienced DentalVibe in our office report that it really does work!

DentalVibe is not only highly effective, but it is versatile too. This groundbreaking device can be used on any procedure that requires an anesthetic injection, from a simple dental filling or root canal to a cosmetic procedure or extraction. For your added peace of mind, DentalVibe is safe for both children and adults.

Advanced Technology to Accommodate Your Needs

Utilizing DentalVibe technology is only one of the ways in which we provide our patients with an excellent experience when they visit their Brooklyn dentist. We do everything with our patients' comfort in mind, and Dr. Mapes has invested in equipping the office with advanced technology in order to ensure that procedures are the most comfortable and efficient that they can be for our patients.Woman smiling in dental chair | dentist Brooklyn NY

Dental Sedation for Fearful Patients

Patients who may need extra care when getting their dental treatment can also discuss the option of using oral conscious sedation with our dentists. This type of sedation is delivered through medication taken prior to the appointment, and it delivers deep relaxation even though you are still awake and responsive during your procedure.

Oral sedation is a great option for patients who may have multiple complex treatment procedures that they would like to complete at one time. It's also appropriate for those with special needs or severe anxiety.

If you want to experience dental care with guaranteed comfort, contact Williamsburg Smile Design today for an appointment. Then you can sit back and relax in the dental chair and let us care for your smile.