Propel in Brooklyn, NY

Smiling Man | Dentist Brooklyn NYLiving with crooked teeth takes a toll on your confidence.

Although orthodontic treatments have advanced over the years, in some cases it can still take up to two years or more of wearing braces or aligners to get a straight smile. This can seem like an eternity when you have hidden your smile for years and you are ready to improve the look and health of your teeth.

At Williamsburg Smile Design, we have an innovative new option to reduce the treatment time for orthodontics: Propel. This revolutionary technique can help our patients get the straight smile they desire months quicker than ever before.

What Is Propel?

Propel is used in combination with braces or aligners to help speed up the straightening process. This technique uses micro-osteoperforations to accelerate bone growth and movement, which allows teeth to shift into the correct position in about half the time of traditional orthodontics.

Using Propel, patients can get the results they want in months instead of a year or more. This is an ideal option for those who have a big event or occasion that they want to look their best for, including weddings, graduations, and reunions.

Clear Braces, Straight Teeth

At Williamsburg Smile Design, we have combined the two latest options in orthodontics to give our patients access to the quickest, easiest path to a straighter and more beautiful smile.

Invisalign and ClearCorrect clear aligners are discreet and comfortable for our adult and teen patients who need orthodontic care. Because they are removable, they also allow patients to enjoy all the foods they love and brush their teeth with ease throughout treatment. 

But even with their comfortable design, it can still take 18 months or more to get a straight smile with Invisalign alone. Combining Invisalign or ClearCorrect with Propel gets our patients the healthy, straight smile they want up to 60% faster than just using aligners.

This is just another way we strive to give our patients the best care possible at our office, using the latest technology and dental techniques.

Is Propel Right for Me?

Our dentists can determine if Propel is right for your needs during a consultation. We will take x-rays and photos of your teeth, and during your examination for Invisalign or ClearCorrect, we will decide if Propel could accelerate your treatment.Couple smiling | Brooklyn NY Dentist

Are you excited to finally achieve the smile you have always wanted? Get the results you want even quicker by using Propel in tandem with clear aligners.

Contact Williamsburg Smile Design in Brooklyn today to schedule your orthodontic consultation to learn more about these innovative options and determine if Propel is right for your needs.